Magpie Spirit Animal: What Does a Magpie Symbolize?

Magpie Spirit Animal

Are you among those people who have been seeing the magpie bird in dreams or meeting it in real life? What symbol or spiritual meaning crosses your mind when you see it?

Well, you are about to know. Here, we’ll talk about the magpie symbolism.

This colorful bird is brilliant that you can even teach it how to speak. So, when you see it, be ready to learn many lessons in your real life. You’ll get these lessons by looking at it as a totem, spirit, and power animal.

Also, these spiritual meanings will depend on the region. Some cultures see the magpie as a bird that carries good news, while others see it as a bird of doom. Let’s take a broader look at the bird’s symbolism.

Magpie Spirit Animal

The magpie makes for a memorable and meaningful spirit animal guide. Those drawn to the magpie totem likely possess an appreciation for the eccentric, a tendency towards curiosity and collection of experiences, and the magical ability to find value in the discarded.

When the magpie starts appearing symbolically in your life, it could represent the need to embrace your own uniqueness without apology. Just as magpies are known for their distinctive black and white feather patterns, you are being called to let your individualistic personal essence shine, even if it sets you apart as an eccentric.

The magpie spirit animal can also signify a period of seeking higher knowledge, wisdom and understanding life’s mysteries. These birds are keenly inquisitive, alert to every slight movement and sound in their surroundings. Let the magpie’s presence attune you to the hidden metaphysical truths underlying the material world.

This creature further symbolizes the ability to creatively recycle and repurpose energies instead of always starting from scratch. Magpies are famous for collecting shiny bits and bobs to feather their nests. You may be guided to find novel uses for resources you had previously discarded or overlooked.

In many folkloric traditions, magpies were seen as portals to the unseen spirit realms. Invite this wise bird totem to open your psychic senses to experience reality’s magic beneath the surface appearances.

Whether motivating you to live According to your own quirky code or awakening you to sacred knowledge, the magpie spirit animal ushers in a wonderfully eccentric form of enlightenment.

Let’s deep into the spiritual meanings of Magpie!

Spiritual Meanings of Magpie

Magpie is among the few very wise birds. Whether young or old, these birds have a white and black look that shows that they are notorious.

When you see these birds anywhere, it shows that you have a sense of wit and intelligence. Well, it’s because the birds are wiser than you see them.

The bird can identify itself in the mirror, imitate your voice, work with a team, and do many other things. Expect the bird to speak to you because it can understand your voice. So, a magpie symbolizes being wise and making proper life choices.

Also, these birds are a sign of joy in real life. Meeting it shows that happy times are coming ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are going through a tough time.

You should prepare yourself to receive the good news and changes in life. It’s because these birds are very social and sing a lot.

Magpies are also a symbol of creativity in real life. It shows that you can design unique things. The spiritual meaning will make sense to you, especially if you are an artist that wants to create something from nature.

But these birds are also a sign of deceit. Seeing them shows that someone around your life tends to take something from you. Also, it shows that you also have the same wrong behavior.

Besides these general spiritual meanings of the bird’s symbolism, various cultures also have spiritual meanings. Keep reading to see how other areas understand the magpie symbolism.

1. Magpie Symbolism in the Far Eastern

In the far eastern nations like China, Japan, and Korea, these birds show that good things are coming your way. So, if you believe in the far eastern cultures, know that something nice is coming your way.

So, in China, people see this bird as a source of happy and successful marriages, good times, and a long life. During the Chinese Qixi Festival, a marriage ceremony between a farmer and a weaver lady ended well when the magpies appeared. Also, if the bird sings in your home, know that your friends and family are coming to visit you.

Remember, these birds are sacred in China because they are a source of happiness. The Chinese believe it to be a sign that the New Year is coming. So, if you kill the bird in China, bad things will happen to you.

When you go to Korea, the symbol of the Magpies isn’t different from that of China. Seeing a magpie here shows that it has brought some good news to your life or home. It even becomes more interesting if you see the bird with a tiger.

2. Magpie Symbolism in Celtic

The spiritual meaning of this bird in Celtic will depend on the number you’ve seen. Also, the colors of the bird have a deep spiritual meaning.

If you see four magpies in your dreams, it means that something good is coming your way. So, the event shouldn’t catch you by any surprises.

But if you only see one magpie, it means that you are unlucky. Though, you shouldn’t give up in life. Keep doing the right things as you remain hopeful.

Also, the bird’s black and white feathers show the union and balance of a marriage between a man and a woman. If you see a person keeping the birds in Scandinavia, it shows a sign of good luck.

3. Magpie Symbolism in Native America

Seeing a magpie in the Native American areas is both a good and bad sign. On one side of their culture, the bird showed that you are a person who loves to gossip. Well, it’s because the bird can communicate well even with humans.

But on the brighter side, the magpies come as a symbol of help when you are in trouble. You might be stuck on making the right choice, so the bird comes to encourage you that all will be well.

In the Cheyenne, people see it as God’s messenger. Also, in the Hopi tales, people see the bird as a guard of the Eastern quarter.

4. Romans and Greece Magpie Symbolism

The Romans view this bird as a special one from the heavens. These people relate it to Bacchus, the god of farming, wine, and fertility. So, it’s a sign of riches and success in your life if you meet the bird.

Well, it’s also the same thing when you come to Greece. Magpies are related to Dionysus, the god of wine and grape harvest. Also, Dionysus is a god of festivals, rituals, and religion. The Greeks treat the birds with much respect because of their god.

Magpie as a Totem (Spiritual Meanings)

Some people have this bird as their totem animal. If you are one of them, it means you are social and love the company of many people.

At first, especially when you are at an event, you might look shy when someone interacts with you. After that, the magpie totem will change and free you from many people.

If you are born with this totem, many people will see you as one who loves to chat, and they’ll like you. Also, it shows you are intelligent like the bird and can make a good leader.

Sometimes, the magpie totem can enter your life when things aren’t going right in your life. It can be that your business or marriage isn’t doing well.

So, the bird will come to encourage you that things will soon be well. The birds’ presence shows that you’ll get new chances to rise and shine again. Remember, magpies have resources, so under their totem, you’ll always find a way to be great

Magpie as a Spirit (Spiritual Meanings)

Are you a person who’s always flexible when it comes to many areas and events? Know that the magpie spirit is with you and sometimes guides your steps. Like other birds in the corvid family, these birds can survive in many situations.

Also, if the bird comes to you as a spirit animal, it shows you how to use many forms of communication. Well, the magpie spirit in you also pushes you to use more persuading ways of expressing yourself.

The animal’s spirit also comes with a symbol that you should know what goal to pursue in life. So, this spirit inspires you to balance the needs of your soul and that of the flesh.

Remember, if you are born with this animal’s spirit, know you are a quick learner. You can learn any skill and art as fast as a magpie. It’ because the animal’s spirit pushes you to be like itself.

If given a chance to be a leader, the magpie spirit will help you get answers when your people have problems. So, through your swift choices, your people will always have the desire to win. Also, this spirit means you have that special place in your heart to help people reach their goals.

The animal can also come in your dreams, but it shouldn’t scare you. It shows that you aren’t satisfied and have some life challenges. So, to get solutions, you need to open to some people you trust to help you.

Magpie as a Power Animal (Spiritual Meanings)

Unlike the bird being a spirit and totem symbol, the magpie has lesser meanings as a power animal. It will come to you as a power animal if you always dwell too much on the things that please your flesh.

The bird’s spirit will make you balance what your soul and body need. Remember, if you dwell a lot on your success, it’s easy to forget about your soul’s growth.

Sometimes, your words may not be of goodwill. So, invite the magpie spirit to help you find a way to show your thoughts and emotions. Once you build your soul, it will be easy to make the needs of your flesh available for your growth.


When you see a magpie, the symbolic meaning of this bird will depend on your circumstances and your culture. This bird should come to encourage you to keep doing good or become a better person in most areas.

Yes, it can do less than you can expect, but be sure to get the right life direction from this symbolism. Though it’s not colorful, this bird has a high level of spirit, wisdom and knows how to express its emotions. So, expect the bird’s spirit, totem, or power to say a lot about your real life.

Do you ever see magpies in real life or your dreams? How do you view the symbolic meaning of this bird in your culture? Please feel free to share your experiences with us.

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