Penguin Spirit Animal: What Does a Penguin Symbolize?

Penguin Spirit Animal

Penguins are stunning and amazing to look at. But that absolutely doesn’t mean that these creatures have nothing to offer us besides their appealing appearance and cameo in calendars and magazines.

In fact, penguins are excellent spiritual guides. If your relationships are on the rocks, or if you’d like some aid in transforming yourself, or if you are finding it difficult to adjust to a new environment, penguins as spirit animals would be of great help!

We’ll dive deep into learning what penguins symbolize, their spirit animal traits, and when to summon them in this post. What’s more, we will further look into a few common penguin dream and their spiritual meanings. We cannot wait any longer. Let’s begin!

Penguin Spirit Animal

The penguin may seem like an unlikely spiritual power animal, but this quirky creature has much to teach us. Those who feel aligned with the penguin spirit animal are often profound nurturers and protectors at their core. Just as penguins form tight familial colonies to guard their young and survive harsh conditions together, you likely have an incredibly strong community orientation.

The penguin spirit guide brings the energy of steadfast resilience even in challenging circumstances. These animals endure extreme Antarctic temperatures by remaining resolute in their rhythms and routines. If the penguin is one of your spirit helpers, you have an incredible inner reservoir of patience, discipline and fortitude that allows you to keep going when others may falter.

This animal totem also symbolizes finding balance between opposites – the penguin’s iconic black and white coloring represents seeking harmony between light and shadow energies within yourself. You understand the importance of integrating all aspects of your being rather than rejecting any parts.

Additionally, the penguin spirit animal teaches you to embrace your quirks and uniqueness without shame. These creatures have an unmistakable waddling gait and appear quite silly on land, yet they own their peculiarities fully. Let the penguin spirit guide you towards radical self-acceptance and not camouflaging your true self to fit in.

By embodying the resolute yet lighthearted nature of the penguin, you’ll be able to nurture your fertile endeavors while retaining steadiness, navigating life’s choppy waters with grace and ease.

Let’s deep into the spiritual meanings of Penguin.

Spiritual Meanings of Penguin

1. Adaptability and resourcefulness:

Penguins are famous for their survival skills. They’re physically built even to tolerate the extreme temperature of the Antarctic. The black and white color adorning a penguins’ body is collectively termed as ‘Countershading’.

When sky predators are on the hunt, the dark-colored penguin heads blend in perfectly with the darkness of the sea when viewed from above.

And, when water predators try to feast on these creatures, their white bodies are undetectable due to the bright source of light above their heads. Their bodies also blend in perfectly with the snow. So, it makes perfect sense that penguins are symbolized for their adaptability and survival.

Penguins are also creatively resourceful. They use their beaks to help them climb and their small wings to swim.

2. Friendships, relationships, and unity:

A single penguin definitely finds it difficult to survive in harsh climates that they call home. In fact, their survival can be highly credited to the communal feeling penguins possess, which encourages them to hurl together during snowy days for survival.

Be it hunting for food, swimming, or anything, you’ll never encounter a penguin alone unless it is lost. Penguins also devote their entire life to one partner. They’re known to propose their partner with pebbles.

3. Parenthood:

Penguins take parenthood seriously. They suffer extreme hardships to hatch their babies and guide them cautiously until they’re ready to take care of themselves. Even if there’s an orphan penguin in the class, penguin mothers who lost their babies fight each other to adopt the baby.

4. Elegance:

We don’t think it needs any more explanation when it comes to elegance. I mean, aren’t penguins stunning to look at? The black-white color combination of penguins is also termed ‘The Tuxedo Appearance’. So, it is perfectly reasonable that penguins are symbolized for elegance.

5. Unorthodoxy:

Penguins spirit animals tell you that it’s okay to be different. They have wings, but they do not fly. Instead, they utilize their wings for swimming purposes.

These creatures urge us to follow our true calling and not let societal expectations and restrictions prevent us from pursuing our dreams and true callings. Therefore, penguins symbolize the need and necessity to be unconventional when the situation demands.

Penguins Native American Spiritual Meanings:

Penguins, to Native Americans, are a symbol of sudden change. In fact, they revere these creatures for being able to survive the extremities.

Be it a good or a bad one, life is full of unpredictable changes, and one must always be prepared to face what adversities life throws at them next. Penguins remind them never to give up.

Penguins Australasia Spiritual Meanings:

While many believed that penguins originated in the freezing temperatures of Antarctica, scientists lately speculate that they first originated 22 million years ago in Australia and New Zealand. Collectively called Australasia, the folklores of these countries mention penguins a few times.

For instance, a famous legend among the Mauri people features a Fiordland penguin, Tawaki. Tawaki walked amongst the humans and was private of his divinity. Later, as the penguin trades his clothes for lightening, the yellow crest of its chest was revealed, and people were aware of its divinity.

Mauri mythologies also have instances when they mention ‘Yellow-eyed penguins’ as ‘Hoiho’ and ‘Fiordland penguins’ as ‘Korora’.

Penguin Spirit Animals: Positive Traits (Spiritual Meanings)

You’re naturally inquisitive and creative if you have a penguin spirit animal. Your hunger for knowledge and ability to come up with creative solutions for your life issues are the characters that set you apart.

You also desire to look well-groomed and presentable. You’re a diligent person who is capable of attaining success on your own. Yet, you’re grounded and love to celebrate your milestones with your family and buddies.

You’re a confident and ambitious person, and you allow nobody to threaten you. You can quickly adjust to and feel comfortable in any social situation.

Penguin Spirit Animals: Negative Traits (Spiritual Meanings)

While presenting themselves as remarkably confident, those with penguin spirit animals are often emotionally insecure.

Whenever they go through difficulties in their relationship, their curiosity and creativity shut down; it’s like one of the major aspects of their personality being ripped away from them.

When To Call On Your Penguin Spirit Animals? (Spiritual Meanings)

If you’re having issues with relationships in life, your penguin spirit animal can be a great guidance.

Though there can exist no perfect relationships in life, there will always be room for you or your partner to improve. Remember that this is the case not only for a romantic relationship but also for your familial and communal relationships as well.

Likewise, if you believe that your life or some habits in it need to change for the better, the penguin spirit animal can be a great helpmate for the transformation process.

Furthermore, also consider summoning your penguin spirit animal if you’re feeling too overwhelmed by your obligations lately. Everyone deserves to have a little fun every once in a while, and penguins remind you to relax and live a little for yourself.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming of Penguins

1. Dreaming about penguins in water:

Penguins in water in your dream represent your relationship with your emotions. It means that you’re at a tranquil phase in your life. You’re composed and a cool-headed person who is aware of how to tackle obstacles in life.

In fact, this dream tells you to try and handle situations on your own rather than taking assistance from others. You’re worthy and capable. However, you need to avoid gossip and rumors in order to maintain your mental and emotional peace.

2. Dreaming about penguins on the beach:

Dreaming about penguins on the beach signifies that a change is imminent in your waking life. You’re probably ready to forgive and forget your past traumatic experiences.

You’re all set to explore your future opportunities. You’re ready to blossom. Just believe in yourself and work smartly and diligently to achieve your expectations.

3. Dreaming about penguins flying:

Flying penguins have quite an ambiguous interpretation. While, on the one hand, it indicates that your personality and treatments towards others are aggressive and egoistic, it can also be a sign that you’re too shy to show your true self in public.

You tend to act nervous and insecure in public settings in the hope that people around you won’t approach you.

4. Dreaming about dead penguins:

If you dream of dead penguins, you’re probably at an anxious and troubling phase in your waking life. There are plenty of uncertainties around you, and you wish somebody could guide you through it.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that you’re more than capable of calming down these stormy situations life is throwing at you right now. Introspect and make all the changes you deem necessary.

5. Dreaming about dancing penguins:

Dreams about dancing penguins are definitely merry ones. You’d be pleased to know that this dream indicates a joyous time ahead in your life. This dream indicates a huge celebration; it might be due to professional achievement or a personal milestone.

6. Dreaming about chasing penguins:

Do you feel the need in life to be more cool-headed? A bit calmer? Dreams about chasing penguins indicate that you want to change your personality for the better. It can also represent your desire to attain physical, mental, and emotional peace and happiness.

7. Dreaming about aggressive penguins chasing you:

Dreaming about arrogant and angry penguins is a sign that upcoming weeks in your waking life aren’t going to be good ones.

You’ll most likely feel low, and there’s even a chance you’ll lose your temper on someone. Well, now that you know what this dream means, it would be best if you kept your anger on-check to avoid such unfortunate happenings.

On the other hand, if you saw the penguins chasing after you, it means that you might fall victim to somebody’s scoldings. You might feel annoyed, upset, and frustrated with other behaviors towards you, and it would be best if you spent your time protecting your mental and energy peace for a few weeks.


Were you planning on tattooing a penguin on your body? Or, were you simply excited to know what spiritual knowledge these adorable creatures had to share with you? Whatever your reason be, we hope you found out all the answers you were seeking in this post.

In short, penguins are primarily symbolized as loyal family and community fellows, resourceful and adaptive creatures with a hunger for surviving, excellent parents and nurturers, and great romantic partners.

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