7 Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing A Possum

Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing A Possum

Possums are marsupials that you will usually find living in or around forests due to their love of trees. These creatures are commonly found in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

If you have ever encountered a possum or an opossum, then you may have seen them munching on rats, mice, or other rodents. These animals are key components of their diet and keep them going on a day-to-day basis.

Other than being keen predators, possums are known for being expert climbers with their sharp claws being of huge help to them for this activity.

During your encounter with a possum/opossum, you may have not realized how significant this moment was. Many cultures place huge spiritual importance on these animals, with some Native Americans having possums as their totem animal and/or spirit animal.

With that in mind, you should consider the symbolic meaning behind this sighting. If you don’t know where to start, then don’t worry because today, we’ll be looking at all of the possible meanings behind your possum encounter.

Possum Spirit Animal

The possum spirit animal symbolizes caution, protection, and the ability to play dead in the face of danger or adversity. These creatures are known for their unique defense mechanism of “playing possum,” or feigning death, to deter predators and survive life-threatening situations.

Those who connect with the possum spirit animal may be individuals who have experienced trauma, hardship, or situations that have required them to retreat or lay low for their own safety and well-being. They may have a heightened sense of awareness and a keen ability to read situations and people, allowing them to detect potential threats and respond accordingly.

The possum spirit animal also represents the importance of self-preservation and the wisdom of knowing when to retreat or disengage from harmful or toxic situations or relationships. It encourages us to prioritize our own well-being and to not shy away from taking protective measures when necessary.

Additionally, the possum spirit animal symbolizes resourcefulness and the ability to make the most of what is available. These creatures are known for their versatile diets and their ability to adapt to various environments, reminding us to be creative and resourceful in utilizing the resources at our disposal.

Overall, the possum spirit animal teaches us to cultivate a sense of caution and discernment, while also embracing the power of self-preservation and the wisdom of knowing when to retreat or disengage. It reminds us to be resourceful, adaptable, and to trust our instincts when faced with adversity or danger.

Let’s deep into the spiritual meanings of possum!

 Spiritual Meanings Of Seeing A Possum

1. A sign to be more resourceful

The first symbolic meaning that you could take from seeing a possum, either in real life or in your dreams, is that you need to be more resourceful. Possums are one of the most resourceful animals on the planet and use their survival instincts to get themselves out of the trickiest of situations.

While they aren’t the largest or most fierce of animals, they know when and where to pick their battles. This resourcefulness is key for their survival and allows them to live up to around 8 years on average in the wild. Many other animals of a similar size don’t live for half as long as that in the wild.

One of their most documented survival instincts is their ability to play dead when they come face to face with a predator. Since the majority of their predators only like to eat prey that they have freshly killed, this gives them a chance to escape the situation unharmed.

Due to all of this, a possum encounter could be a signal that you also need to make the most of what you have. Perhaps you’ve been getting down about certain attributes or skills that you don’t possess. Well, a possum sighting should remind you to instead be grateful for what you do have and to use those skills to their fullest.

2. You are a survivor

Encountering a possum should also remind you that you are a survivor. As we’ve already discussed, these creatures have phenomenal survival skills, and encountering one should remind you of what you have overcome to still be here today.

Perhaps you went through a troubling upbringing earlier on in your life and you have never fully appreciated how well you did to get through it and survive. Or, perhaps it isn’t as severe as that and you have just recently gone through a difficult spell at work where you have been doubting your abilities.

Regardless of the situation, this encounter should remind you of the courage and bravery you displayed to get out of it. Take the time to appreciate what you have achieved and use it as encouragement for your future.

3. You aren’t easily fooled

One of the coolest attributes of a possum is the fact that they are immune to snake venom. Given the fact that venom is the main way that snakes get the kill on their prey, this is a fantastic attribute for possums to have, particularly as they share their natural habitats with snakes.

Snakes are often seen as symbols of slyness and deceit. Therefore, seeing a possum could be a symbolic/spiritual message that you also need to be on guard to fend off snakes in your own life. This may well mean that someone close to you is behaving inappropriately behind your back.

This possum encounter is a reminder that you aren’t easily fooled and now isn’t the time to change that. In the coming days, keep a closer eye on those close to you and remove anyone from your life who is acting suspiciously.

4. You aren’t going to receive any handouts

When possums are born, there is usually a litter of around 15-20 joeys (baby possums). Each of these joeys has to fight like warriors from day 1 for access to their mother’s teats. Unfortunately over half of each litter ends up dying because they don’t have adequate access to milk.

Seeing a possum is therefore a reminder that you often have to fend for yourself in life, but you’re okay with that. You’ve got this far by grafting and working hard for everything you have so you aren’t going to suddenly start expecting handouts.

This can, however, be difficult to swallow at times when there are people in your life who do seem to get everything they want to be handed to them on a plate. It’s important to not get bitter about this and to simply continue on your own journey in a positive state of mind.

5. You are either looking for comfort or need to provide comfort to others

The young joeys that do survive the early stages of their life are then almost glued to their mothers for the next couple of months of their life as they learn how to fend for themselves in the wild. Even when these young possums are coming of age, they are still quick to hop into their mother’s pouches for shelter and comfort.

With that in mind, seeing a possum in the wild could be a sign that you are seeking comfort and reassurance in your life. Perhaps you have made a bold decision recently that you are starting to second guess. This could be the decision to end a long-term relationship or to quit a job based on impulse.

Regardless of the reason why the need for comfort is a sign of insecurities. Open up to those close family members or friends about how you are feeling and they will be on hand to provide you with the comfort you desire.

On the flip side, this could also be a sign that you need to be the one offering more comfort and support to your family and friends. Perhaps you have been quite negligent recently because of other commitments but there are people in your life who depend on your support and comfort. Use this meeting with a possum as a reminder to take time out of your day to check in on those around you and to support them in any way you can.

6. A sign of fertility

As we’ve already mentioned, possum’s have large litters of up to 20 joeys. On top of that, female possums produce up to three litters over a six-month mating period.

Due to this, possums are sometimes seen as symbols of fertility. If you have been trying for a baby recently and have been having struggles, then this sighting is a reminder of patience. In time, you will have the baby that you long for, meaning that this sighting is a really good omen for you and your partner.

If you haven’t been trying for a baby, then it could be a sign that someone close to you will be having one very soon. A new baby entering the world is always a joyful occasion and you are going to play a key role in this one’s life.

7. A sign that you are being targeted

One final thing to mention is that possums are prey for many animals. While they typically hunt rodents and small insects, larger animals in the forest look to possums as their main source of food. These animals include bobcats and coyotes.

Seeing a possum could therefore be taken as a caution that you are also being targeted by those around you. This could be someone plotting to harm your current relationship or someone at work conspiring against you to land you in trouble.

Regardless of who it is and who has decided that they want to be your direct opponent, it’s important to again lean on your resourcefulness and intelligence to fend them off. The last thing anyone needs in their lives is negative energy, so swiftly deal with these people and continue your life happily without feeling like there is a target on your back.

Final Words

To conclude, possums are fascinating animals that have deep symbolic meanings. Encountering possums shouldn’t be taken for granted as it could be a sign of great significance for your life going forward.

If you have a possum spirit animal or a possum totem animal, then these encounters can be particularly impactful. We hope that by reading our interpretations above that you will gain some clarity on what this encounter could mean for you.

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