7 Spiritual Meanings Of A Cockroach Crawling On You

Spiritual Meanings Of A Cockroach Crawling On You

The cockroach has a lot of complex and negative symbolism attached to its image. And although many people associate it with being a filthy bottom feeder, its symbolism is quite the opposite.

Cockroaches are known to be strong survivors, masters at adapting and thriving in most environments. If you find yourself having a regular run-in with these insects, or find them crawling on you, it is possible that this specific insect carries a message for you.

But what does it mean when a cockroach crawls on you? We have gathered some of the most common spiritual meanings and interpretations for this moment.

Cockroach Spirit Animal

In instances where we are often put face to face with certain creatures enough times for it to no longer be a coincidence, it is important to take a deeper look at what message they are trying to convey. This can be easily done by beginning to understand what this creature represents.

Cockroach symbolism has many layers, and holds great spiritual significance in some cultures while being considered pests in some.

1. Resilience

Cockroaches are known to have an extremely strong survival instinct. They are resilient in many ways, and can even live without a head for many days, until they end up dying from starvation.

Many people see its resilience as an annoying trait, making them hard to get rid of or exterminate.

However, the cockroach has been around for almost 300 million years and this speaks to their strong adaptive skill and resiliency.

2. Community

These fierce creatures are also representative of family and community.

Roaches are known to be quick with reproducing, laying thousands of eggs, and have extensive community networks that live together in harmony.

It is therefore a sign of valuing family, helping your community and friendship.

3. Battling insecurities

The cockroach is a sign of battling your own insecurities. This is connected to the ability and comfortability of hiding in the darkness and their correlation to mysticism. It is a sign that the darkness is yet another place to thrive and grow, learning to appreciate the darker parts of yourself and being comfortable with them is often a huge step in accepting your insecurities.

Spiritual Meanings of a Cockroach Crawling on You

To many people, the close interaction with an animal, or a repetitive sighting of this particular animal/creature is an indicator of a spiritual message.

In the case of the cockroach, this message can be many different things.

1. The courage to change

Having a cockroach crawl on you can be a sign of change and transformation and rebirth. This could mean that it is time for you to gather enough courage to make the necessary changes in your life. The cockroaches’ symbolisms are strongly attached to transformation, and it is no coincidence that this insect is urging you to make changes within yourself and your circumstances.

2. Trust in your own power

In China, the American cockroach species has earned the nickname “the little mighty one”.  This is due to its ability to regenerate itself, and being able to adapt to any changes in its environment. A cockroach crawling on you is a sign that you also carry a lot of resilience within you, and have the ability to adapt.

This may be a reminder that although you are facing problems or difficulties, some of which may seem very overwhelming, you have the ability to overcome any obstacles that are thrown your way. The cockroach is a reminder to trust in your own power.

3. Bringer of good luck

In many cultures, a cockroach crawling on you is seen as good luck and a sign of abundance! This belief comes from the common knowledge about cockroaches and their traits as group animals.

It is often known that if there is one, there is more. For many people, this is seen as a sign of great abundance, and a reminder that good luck is waiting for you in all your endeavors.

4. Remind you to tidy your room

If a cockroach crawls on you when you are in bed, it is usually a message that serves as a reminder to tend to your space. A messy and cluttered space can affect your mental health negatively, and a roach-infested house is a sign to declutter and organize.

5. You may be overworking

If a cockroach is seen crawling on your body in a dream, this could be a bad omen.

This dream is a sign that you may be overworking yourself,  making promises that you can’t keep. These actions will lead to consequences that affect not only yourself but the people around you. This dream speaks of disappointment and letting the people closest to you down.

6. Your power back

If you dream of a cockroach on your body and you killed it, this dream should serve as a wake-up call for the dreamer, with both positive and negative interpretations and meanings.

Dreaming of killing cockroaches as a result of a cockroach infestation can be a sign of feeling unmotivated and lost in your life. It can also represent your dependency on other people to lead the way for you, as well as being surrounded by people who do not wish to see you succeed and have ill intentions towards you.

Dead cockroaches, or killing these roaches is a sign that you are taking your own power back, and ridding yourself of the toxicity and negativity that has been filling up your life lately.

7. Obstacles in your life

If you dream about seeing a huge cockroach crawl on you, this is often a sign of obstacles in your real life. The giant rock can represent anything from circumstantial obstacles, to other people hindering your growth, and sometimes it can even be a reflection of yourself.

We are often quick to blame other things for our feelings of failure, without realizing that sometimes we are the ones standing in our own way.

The cockroach spiritual meanings

1. Tenacious and stubborn

Those who share traits with the cockroach are known to be tenacious and stubborn. Some may even see them as slightly calculating. These people will go to great lengths to get what they want, and are quick to jump on opportunities that present themselves, and are often lucky enough to achieve great results from these opportunities.

2. A true survivor

The people who have had cockroaches present themselves as their guides and are often true survivors. These people are known to never give up, despite the many hardships life has thrown at them. They seem to always find a way out of the stickiest situations, and continue to thrive despite the difficulties that have faced along the way.

3. Go with the flow

For many people, as well as animals, this trait is incredibly valuable, if not the most valuable trait one can possess. As we all know, survival of the fittest isn’t necessarily a theory that is applied to strength, but to a creature’s ability to adapt.

These people are often easygoing, and may even be somewhat of a chameleon. They are able to fit in anywhere, make friends with anyone and roll with all the punches. They are the first to thrive in new environments and know how to appear likable to anyone.

4. Intuitive

Intuition is another great strength when it comes to people who share traits with the cockroach. The cockroach’s ability to sense danger may be one of the reasons it has been able to survive on this earth for so long.

These people place a great deal of importance on their intuition and ability to sense the feelings of others, as well as any shifts in the energy of their surroundings. A cockroach appearing to you could be a message to trust your intuition about certain situations or people in your life.


The cockroach is an interesting animal, often unfairly depicted with many negative portrayals attached to its image. In reality, this animal is a fierce survivor, a master at adapting and should inspire us all in its ability to thrive in even the harshest conditions.

When this animal is felt or seen crawling on you, it is more likely to be a bringer of good news than anything else. It encourages you to trust in yourself, inspires courage to undergo much needed transformation and serves as a reminder that you can overcome your obstacles.

The cockroach may be seen as the ultimate inspiration and reminder to never judge a book by its cover.

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