Cockroach Spirit Animal: What Does a Cockroach Symbolize?

Cockroach Spirit Animal What Does a Cockroach Symbolize

Have you been noticing a lot of cockroaches lately? Assuming you have a cockroach spirit animal, these small yet tough creatures might be trying to convey spiritual messages to you.

Cockroaches, often loathed as creepy and filthy, are one of the most grounded spirit animals. They teach you to adapt, survive, and thrive. They encourage you to embrace your weaknesses and see the light in your own darkness.

If you feel like these traits are something you could use in your life, read on to know more about cockroach symbolism and cockroach spirit animal.

Let’s deep into the spiritual meanings of the cockroach.

Cockroach Spirit Animal

The cockroach may seem an unlikely spirit animal, but this resilient insect offers powerful lessons in survival, adaptation, and thriving against all odds. As one of the most ancient creatures on Earth, the cockroach symbolizes primal instincts, opportunity in adversity, and the ability to regenerate from the deepest crevices of darkness.

When the cockroach shows up as a spirit guide, it could represent a call to toughness and dogged perseverance through extremely challenging periods. This creature’s spirit energy helps steel your determination to persist despite harsh conditions or overwhelming obstacles attempting to block your path. The cockroach won’t give up – and neither should you.

This hardy animal also represents fertility, birth, and the profound creativity and renewal that can emerge from seeming decay or neglect. The cockroach spirit animal prompts you to seek the hidden advantages and new growth opportunities birthing from upheaval in your life. What appears undesirable on the surface may actually contain gems of wisdom.

As a master of adaptation, the cockroach teaches you to evolve with changing circumstances using your clever instincts. Its presence is a reminder to be resourceful, see from new perspectives, and not be deterred by what tries to restrict your life force. Call on the cockroach when you need an emboldened spirit that can overcome through radical resiliency.

Spiritual Meanings of Cockroach

1.   Resilience and survival:

In case you didn’t know, decapitated cockroaches can last for weeks. These tiny tenacious creatures can go up to a month or more without food. Seriously, these roaches can survive just about anything.

There are presently around 5000 cockroach species noted. You might be surprised to find out that the survival of cockroaches can be traced back to the carboniferous era, meaning they’ve lived on this earth for more than 300 million years.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that cockroaches are symbolized for their resilience and adeptness for survival. These insects teach you to be more adaptive to your surroundings and never give up on your dreams.

2.   Community:

Cockroaches symbolize healthy friendships and communities. For instance, take German cockroaches. These cockroaches are known to rely heavily on partnerships and communal feelings.

They build their shelters together and are also known to accompany each other during food hunts. If there is any information regarding upcoming dangers, these cockroaches are also known to warn their community.

So, the spiritual meaning of cockroaches showing up is that you need to open up your heart to friendships and acquaintances and trust in the safety of communal feelings.

3.   Darkness and renewal:

Cockroaches are also considered excellent spiritual guides for you if you want to embrace all of your insecurities. Just as the cockroaches prefer to hide in the dark, you will also be able to make peace with your darkness.

Darkness to every living organism is a part of their life. And cockroaches are symbolized to be a great helpmate for you to navigate through the darkness and mysticism.

On the other hand, it can also be interpreted in a way that you’re too taking too much spotlight and burden on yourself. Cockroaches can be spiritual messengers for you to take a step back and broaden your perspective.

Cockroach Native American Symbolism

Cockroaches are not big in Native American folklore and legends. Nevertheless, it is believed that seeing a cockroach can portend the arrival of unwelcomed guests or being surrounded by bitter and annoying people.

Cockroach Chinese Symbolism

During the nymph stage, American Cockroaches, prevalent in china, are observed to have an astounding capacity to regenerate limbs.

That’s the reason why these cockroaches are called ‘Xiao Qiang’, which translates to ‘little mighty one’. In China, killing these small yet, mighty insects are bad omens.

In fact, the Chinese farm these animals instead and consider them a good source of protein. Surprisingly, American Cockroach, Periplaneta americana, is even shown to have anti-tumor effects.

Cockroach African and Cuban Symbolism

There’s a Jamaican saying, ‘Cockroach has no business in fowl fights’, meaning if the quarrel doesn’t involve you, there’s absolutely no need to be nosy.

In African cultures, cockroaches are symbolized for wisdom. In a Cuban tale that depicts the story of Martina, a stunning cockroach, and her journey of finding a suitable mate, the wisdom of cockroaches is beautifully portrayed.

Martina’s grandmother advised her to choose someone who remained gentle even when angered. Finally, Martina’s suitor appeared to be a kind mouse who maintained his composure even during difficulties.

Cockroach Celtic Symbolism

In Ancient Greek, cockroaches were valued for their medicinal properties. They believed these creatures had the cure to tetanus and were also used to make a poultice.

Cockroach Encounters and Omens

The spiritual meaning of encountering multiple roaches in your house is that you need to transform your life for the better. Muster up the courage and tenacity to bring about necessary changes or simply consider starting your new life afresh.

Likewise, if you witnessed a cockroach crawling on your feet or body, it means that you’re capable of overcoming just about any obstacles in your life. Though the problem might seem overwhelming at first, you must trust in your power.

Seeing a cockroach in many cultures is considered to be a harbinger of growth and good luck. While in many other, it can be a warning for you to be cautious of hardships imminent in your life.

Likewise, while killing a cockroach is a bad omen in many cultures, in others, it can be a sign of good luck and prosperity. So, when it comes to what a cockroach encounter spiritually means to you, you must take into account your values and relationship with the cockroach spirit animal.

6 Common Cockroach Dreams and Their Interpretations

1.   Dreaming about seeing cockroaches crawling on you:

Dreams about seeing crawling cockroaches on your body, leg, or head aren’t good ones. It signifies that you’re likely to disappoint people around you due to your inability to fulfill promises. You’re someone who makes people dream big without running a reality check.

It can also portent some problems in your life, most probably financially. And if you saw them crawling on your head, it means that your thoughts and opinions have been negative lately. You’re probably sick of everything and are turning down people who are seeking your assistance.

2.   Dreaming about cockroaches in the house:

This dream is most possibly the representation of how you’re feeling regarding your home space lately. If you’re dreaming of cockroaches infesting your house, it can be a signal that your house is in major need of decluttering and cleaning.

3.   Dreaming about dead cockroaches:

Dead cockroaches in your dream portend bad news. Your plans and ventures are likely to be distracted due to constant obstacles you’ll have to face throughout the way.

In order to save yourself from this situation from happening, make sure you put plenty of thought into your next step, and if somebody experienced is in your reach who can give you suggestions, you should definitely seek help.

4.   Dreaming about eating cockroaches:

Cockroaches are notorious for wandering in unhygienic and cluttered areas. If you dream of eating roaches, it can be a warning for you to look into your diet habits. Maybe you’re consuming too much junk and unhealthy foods lately. Your body isn’t probably feeling great either.

Before things take turns for the worse, make sure you improve your eating habits and if you’re feeling uneasy or ill, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

5.   Dreaming about a giant cockroach:

Giant roaches in dreams often represent the obstacles in one’s way. The obstruction may be from some acquaintance, or your own personal habits are preventing you from succeeding.

Take a good look at your surrounding and the people in them, introspect if necessary, and get rid of situations and people who hamper your growth.

Likewise, a giant roach dream interpretation can also vary depending on the color of the cockroach. If you dream of a massive red cockroach, it is a sign of success, peace, and harmony in your personal and professional relationships.

On the other hand, if it was black in color, it portends an unharmonious situation full of disputes ahead in your waking life.

6.   Dreaming about killing cockroaches:

Dreams about killing cockroaches have both positive and negative interpretations. It can mean that you’re feeling lost in your life, probably unmotivated and unsure of how to plan your future. You’re highly dependent on others to make decisions for you.

This dream is a sign that you need to snap out from this cycle and believe in your worth and determination. Everything is destined to align perfectly at the end.

On the brighter side, this dream means that you’re likely to cut-off toxic people and get rid of situations and habits that have been impacting you negatively.


Cockroaches definitely convey a message ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’. While being so tiny, they have survived on this earth for more years than some giant animals.

In fact, they are evolving and adapting so quickly that many fear current effective cockroach prevention strategies will be worthless years down the lane. Cockroach spirit animal definitely inspires us to thrive and persevere, don’t they?

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