14 Spiritual Meanings Of A Dragonfly Landing On You

14 Spiritual Meanings Of A Dragonfly Landing On You

Dragonflies divide opinions. Some people think they are beautiful insects with their transparent wings and bodies that have a metallic shimmer. Others find their multifaceted eyes and elongated bodies ugly and their erratic flight patterns creepy. Then some believe dragonflies act as messengers from the spirit world.

Did you know that dragonflies have many spiritual meanings, especially if they land on you? It is very rare to have a dragonfly land on you, so could it be delivering an important message? And what could its message be?

In this article, you will learn about dragonfly symbolism and the significance of one landing on you. So read on to find out what a dragonfly landing on you means.

Let’s deep into the spiritual meanings of the dragonfly.

Dragonfly Spirit Animal

Considering that dragonflies have been around for over 300 million years, it is not surprising there are many myths linked to these beautiful creatures. Although, you wouldn’t want a prehistoric dragonfly to land on you. They were much bigger than dragonflies today, with the largest fossil found having a wingspread of 2.5 feet.

Many of The Myths About Dragonflies Are Negative

The Welsh people associated dragonflies with snakes and nicknamed them adder’s servants. Another snake-related myth of unknown origin is that dragonflies were thought to sew snakes back together if they were injured and that dragonflies could even bring snakes back to life. This earned them the nickname snake doctor.

The Norwegian word for dragonflies is yenstikker, which means eye poker. In Sweden, people believed dragonflies would go to children who lie and stitch their eyes, ears, and mouths shut.

Another myth and a nickname of unknown origin include the devil’s needle. It comes from the belief that dragonflies sewed naughty children’s mouths shut while they slept. Sounds like an effective way to scare your child into behaving better.

Positive Connotations

However, dragonflies haven’t got negative associations all over the world. For example, in Japan dragonflies are symbolic of strength, courage, and luck. In China, the dragonfly was seen as the symbol of harmony and balance. For native Americans, dragonflies represent swiftness, change, and illusion.

Dragonfly Symbolism

The main symbolic dragonfly spiritual meanings relate to change, renewal, rebirth, and transformation. They are similar to those attached to the butterfly because of their life cycle. However, the symbols also relate to the dragonflies’ color changing as they age.

Because dragonflies can change their flight path quickly, they are also associated with adaptability. It is also their flight patterns that symbolize the ability to create illusions and travel between dimensions to bring messages from spirit guides.

Spiritual Meanings of Dragonfly Landing on You

Dragonflies do not land on anybody, so if one lands on you, it is a rare and significant event. Despite the many negative myths, many believe that it means you have been singled out by the universe and that the dragonfly landing on you is a symbol of good fortune.

1. Light and Joy

The way the dragonfly’s wings and body shimmer in the sunlight also make it a symbol of light and joy. If you have been feeling down or taking life too seriously lately, the dragonfly could be advising you to have more joy in your life and to learn to take things more lightly.

2. Transformation

A dragonfly landing on you could also be an omen of great change or transformation coming your way. This could mean that you are growing spiritually or linked to a more physical change such as a new relationship or a new job.

3. Effectiveness and Strength

Dragonflies only flag their wings thirty times per minute, which conserves their energy. This makes them symbolic of effectiveness and strength. If you are facing challenges in your life, the dragonfly landing on you could be telling you that you have the inner strength to deal with any obstacles in your life.

4. Adaptability

If you have ever observed dragonflies flying, you will have noticed that they can adapt their flight path quickly while still maintaining their balance and elegance. Depending on your life situation, the dragonfly could be a sign that you need to adapt to the different situations in life, as this will help you make the most of every opportunity.

5. Seize the Day

The adult dragonfly’s life is short, so when a dragonfly lands on you, it might be reminding you to seize the day. If you have a dream, act on it now rather than wait for the perfect moment.

6. Discover Your Talents

When the light falls on the dragonfly’s wings, they change color. This symbolizes the ability to discover your talents. If you have been having doubts about yourself or what you should do in life, now is the time to let them go and live your truth.

The Spiritual Meanings of The Dragonfly’s Color

When you are deciphering the spiritual meaning of a dragonfly landing on you, the color is important, too.

1. Blue

A blue dragonfly landing on you is a sign that you need to change something about your life. It could be letting go of a habit that is not good for you or focusing more on your spirituality. Perhaps you already knew you needed a change, but lacked the courage. The blue dragonfly is assuring you that the change will be for the best.

The color blue is also symbolic of loyalty, wisdom, and faith. A blue dasher or a blue emperor dragonfly might be a reminder to be truthful with others, but also with yourself. If you are not happy in your current circumstances, listen to your inner voice, make changes, and trust that all will work out for the best.

2. Brown

Brown is a very earthy color. If a brown dragonfly lands on you, it might be reminding you to stay true to yourself. It can be difficult to not compromise your ideals under pressure or in times of change. The brown dragonfly tells you to stay strong.

3. Gold

Seeing golden dragonflies is rare. If you see a golden dragonfly, you are in luck, even more so if it lands on you. A golden dragonfly is a strong message of prosperity, creativity, self-awareness, and success.

4. Green

Green is the color of nature, fertility, a new beginning, and renewal. A green dragonfly landing on you could mean that now is a good time for new ideas, spiritual growth, and nurturing self-acceptance.

Many people associate green dragonflies with financial security and abundance. So if you have been struggling with making the ends meet, the dragonfly could be letting you know that better times are ahead.

5. Orange

An orange dragonfly landing on you can act as a reminder to reflect on what needs nourishing in your life. Depending on your life situation, it could be related to your career, your relationships, or personal growth.

The orange color suggests that you may need to make some changes in your life. Consider this if there are habits in your life that are not healthy. Now is the time to let go of them. An orange dragonfly could also be telling you to trust your gut instincts.

6. Purple

This color is linked with spirituality, so if a purple dragonfly lands on you, it could be a sign that you need to improve your spiritual life. Only by being in touch with your spiritual side will you be able to achieve greater things in life.

7. Red

Many cultures associate red dragonflies with death. However, a red dragonfly landing on you is not a message of the impending death of someone. Rather, it is symbolic of transformation.

Red dragonflies are also associated with good health, financial security, and domestic harmony. A red dragonfly landing on you could also mean that your vibration is strong, and it is a good time for manifestation.

8. Yellow

Yellow dragonflies are symbolic of the sun and energy and could bear a message that you need to harness your energy to fulfill your goals. It is telling you that you have the intelligence and willpower you need to make positive changes happen in your life.

If you are struggling, a yellow dragonfly landing on you is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. Your struggles will pass and after, success and happiness will follow.

Bearers of Messages and Granters of Wishes

Some people believe that the spiritual meaning of the dragonfly is linked to its ability to access other realms. Because it can access the spirit world, it can bring us messages from our loved ones. To understand the message fully, you need to consider the dragonfly’s symbolism, the significance of the color, and what is happening in your life.

Others believe dragonflies can make your wishes come true. When a dragonfly lands on you, make a wish and it just might come true. This belief was particularly strong in China, where people believed that a dragonfly landing on you meant the Gods are listening.


If a dragonfly lands on you, it is no cause for alarm, as they are harmless creatures unable to sting or bite you. Instead, embrace this rare event as a sign of good luck coming your way.

To fully understand what the dragonfly’s message to you is, use the spiritual meanings in this article in the context of your life. The dragonfly’s spiritual meaning will be unique to you. If you have questions about what it means when a dragonfly lands on you, write them in the comments section.

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