Hummingbird Spirit Animal: What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize?

Hummingbird Spirit Animal: What Does a Hummingbird Symbolize?

Although many animals have spiritual significance, with some, we just know instinctively that they are special, almost magical creatures – and hummingbirds certainly fall into this category.

This also makes hummingbirds powerful spiritual allies, so in this post, we look at the hummingbird spirit animal to help you understand if this is the right spiritual companion for you.

Hummingbird Symbolism

Hummingbird Symbolism

Let’s start by looking at some of the most prominent characteristics of hummingbirds and what they symbolize.

1. Tiny and delicate yet perfectly formed

One of the first things many people associate with hummingbirds is their size because most species are tiny and delicate.

However, they are perfectly formed, extremely beautiful little birds, so they are symbols of the fragile and ephemeral nature of beauty.

2. Intelligence

Hummingbirds are known to be highly intelligent with extremely good memories – they are able to remember the location of large numbers of flowers, allowing them to return to them to collect the nectar when they are ready while avoiding the ones they’ve already visited.

For this reason, hummingbirds are symbolic of intelligence, logical thinking and memory.

3. Magical and miraculous and a connection to the spirit realm

When you see a hummingbird, it’s hard to believe that such a creature could exist. They zip and dart around in all directions seemingly unconstrained by the normal laws of gravity while flashing the bright, iridescent colors of their plumage.

They seem almost magical creatures that are not quite of this world, and as such, they represent all that is magical and miraculous as well as a connection to the spirit realm.

4. Hard work

Despite their tiny size, hummingbirds are incredibly industrious little creatures that never stop working.

They spend their days flitting from flower to flower to collect all the sweet nectar they can find, never seeming to tire or think about taking a rest. This makes them an obvious symbol of hard work and tireless dedication to the task at hand.

5. Cheerfulness and joy

Although hummingbirds are always busy, they always seem to have a bright, cheerful demeanor and a positive attitude.

Nothing ever seems to get them down, and they can always be seen happily zipping from place to place as if filled with unbridled optimism, which is why to many people, hummingbirds also represent cheerfulness and joy.

6. Constant motion and change

Hummingbirds never seem to stop, even for a moment – they are always in motion. This can be seen as a symbol of the ever-changing universe as well as the shifting nature of our existence.

7. Adaptability and resourcefulness

The hummingbird might not be the biggest or strongest animal you’ll meet, but he doesn’t let that stop him going about his business, making the most of what he has and enjoying his life.

This makes the hummingbird the embodiment of adaptability, resourcefulness and making do with what you have rather than complaining about what you don’t have.

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning

Hummingbird Spiritual Meaning

Now let’s think a bit about what hummingbirds represent in spiritual terms.

1. Embrace change

We’ve seen that hummingbirds are always on the go, making them a powerful symbol of change – and in spiritual terms, you can take inspiration from the hummingbird and always be ready to embrace change rather than fight against it.

Many people fear change because they don’t know what the future might bring. However, with change comes new opportunities to learn, grow and evolve as a spiritual being.

2. Spiritual freedom

The hummingbird is a free spirit that flies wherever it chooses, and this can be likened to our spirit that also yearns to be free.

As you grow spiritually, you gain deeper insights into the meaning of your own existence, and through meditation, as you move to a higher state of consciousness, you will feel your spirit becoming lighter and finally being set free, just like a hummingbird.

3. Keep seeking your spiritual breakthrough

The determination of the hummingbird and the image of this industrious little creature flitting from flower to flower in search of nectar can be taken as a metaphor for the long path we all walk towards spiritual breakthrough and eventual enlightenment.

This is because the only way to reach enlightenment is just to keep moving forwards without ever giving up – there are no shortcuts.

Furthermore, if you sometimes feel that you aren’t making any progress on your spiritual journey or feel like you have become spiritually blocked, you can focus on the hummingbird during meditation to help find the inspiration and encouragement to keep going.

4. Positivity

If you want to progress and grow spiritually, it’s vital to cultivate positive energy while repelling all negativity that comes your way.

The hummingbird, as a creature filled with positive energy and happy vibes, can also help you expel negative energy and negative feelings, leaving you in a state much more conducive to spiritual exploration.

How Do You Know if the Hummingbird Is Your Spirit Animal?

How Do You Know if the Hummingbird Is Your Spirit Animal?

So far, we’ve seen that the hummingbird is a creature of optimism and positive energy, but how do you know if he might be the right spirit animal for you? Let’s think about this next.

1. Tireless hard worker

People who have the hummingbird as their spirit animal tend to be those who are willing to work tirelessly towards their goals, even if their objectives seem as far away as ever.

They don’t let the size of the task daunt them but instead, simply continue to strive until their work is done.

If you are the kind of person who is always ready to put in the work required to achieve your aims, it’s a sign that the hummingbird could be a good match for you.

Then, with the hummingbird by your side, you will be able to work with even greater determination to realize all your dreams.

2. Bright and cheerful disposition

Like the hummingbird, those with this chirpy creature as their spirit animal are generally bright and cheerful people who always see the positive side of any situation.

When faced with disappointment, they always see the chance to learn or to grow – and with each failure, rather than becoming depressed or despondent, they always come back with even more determination to succeed next time.

Does this sound like you? Then the hummingbird could be your ideal spirit animal – and by taking this bird as your spiritual companion, you will only enhance this positive side of your personality.

3. A touch of magic or mystery

The hummingbird is one of those special animals that we instinctively know is a deeply spiritual and even magical creature, and people with this bird as their spirit animal often exude a hint of the same magical, mysterious aura.

Have you always felt you have a particularly strong connection to the spirit world? Have you always been convinced that there’s more to existence than just what we can see? Do you seem to have heightened spiritual awareness or psychic abilities?

If the answer to these questions is yes, it could be that the hummingbird spirit animal is already by your side.

4. Always ready for something new

Some people are content to always follow the same groove while others constantly crave new experiences and exciting new encounters in their lives – and if you are one of the latter, the hummingbird could be exactly the spirit animal you are searching for.

Hummingbird people are never happy to sit still and follow the same routines, instead, preferring to do and see everything they can.

If that sounds like the kind of person you are, there’s a good chance the hummingbird spirit animal is calling to you, ready for you to head off in search of new adventures together.

Hummingbird Totem

Hummingbird Totem

The hummingbird totem animal has lots to teach us, and here are some of the lessons we can learn from it.

1. Be ready to adapt to whatever life throws at you

It’s impossible to predict what life will throw at us, but with the hummingbird totem animal by your side, you will always be ready to face whatever unexpected situations arise.

More than this, rather than just surviving adversity, you will be able to thrive, learning, growing and developing precisely because you have been forced out of your comfort zone and have been compelled to look at things from a different perspective.

2. Never stand still

The hummingbird totem also encourages people never to stand still or be satisfied but always to keep moving forward and developing the whole time.

If you stand still while everyone else is moving forward, it means you are going backwards – but with the hummingbird totem by your side, you will always have the motivation and energy to ensure you remain at the front of the crowd.

3. Never give up the pursuit of your dreams

With the hummingbird totem animal, you will always remain positive and full of hope that you can achieve your dreams, however big they are or however impossible they might seem to attain.

The hummingbird totem encourages you to aspire to greatness and to keep working towards what you want most, even if other people tell you that you have no chance of making it because you have your head in the clouds.

4. Appreciate what you have

Even while the hummingbird totem encourages you to always aim higher, at the same time, it also helps you remember to be grateful for what you have.

With this totem by your side, you will never forget to appreciate the things life has given you – especially the people closest to you and the moments you share with them.

5. Remember to live in the moment

As busy and joyful as he is, the hummingbird’s life is relatively short – which is why he needs to make every moment count.

Because of this, the hummingbird totem also teaches us to make the most of the time of our time on Earth, to make every moment count and to be present in the here and now rather than dwelling on the past or focusing too much on a future that isn’t guaranteed to come.

Hummingbird Omens

Hummingbird Omens

Finally, let’s have a look at what it might mean if hummingbirds suddenly start appearing in your life.

1. Take time to appreciate the positive things in your life

If you suddenly start seeing hummingbirds, either in real life or in your dreams, it could be a sign that you need to take the time to appreciate and enjoy the good things in your life rather than letting important moments pass you by.

Of course, we all have duties and responsibilities, and we all need to work hard to make ends meet. However, it’s important to also make time to let your hair down and enjoy precious moments with the people we love.

2. You need to assert your freedom or independence

Hummingbirds are free spirits, and seeing them could be a message related to your freedom or independence.

Could it be that you are somehow feeling trapped and want to assert your independence?

Perhaps your parents are making all the decisions in your life, but you want to choose the path you take yourself.

Alternatively, it could be that you are feeling trapped in a controlling relationship and are desperate to break free.

In such situations, the hummingbird may then appear to you to help you find the courage to make the difficult decisions you know deep down are necessary.

3. Pay attention to the spiritual side of life

As deeply spiritual creatures, hummingbirds may sometimes appear when you are neglecting the spiritual aspects of your life to remind you not to forget to devote enough time to spiritual matters.

4. Cast off negativity

If you are holding on to negative thoughts or emotions – such as anger, jealousy or resentment – the hummingbird may appear to you to encourage you to unburden yourself of such negativity to become a free and light spirit, just like the hummingbird himself.

5. Good luck is on the way

Finally, sometimes hummingbirds may appear simply as a sign of good fortune – in which case, you might be in line for some unexpected good luck in the coming days or weeks.

A small but powerful spiritual ally

As we’ve seen, despite their diminutive size, hummingbirds can be powerful spiritual allies if you make the hummingbird your spirit animal.

They are magical creatures that exude positivity and joy, and the hummingbird spirit animal can help you always look on the bright side of life while remembering to enjoy every moment and appreciate all the blessings life gives you, however small.

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