Cicada Spirit Animal: What Does a Cicada Symbolize?

Cicada Spirit Animal

Have you just seen a cicada? Surely you would like to know the cicada symbolism & spiritual meanings. Cicadas are known for their ability to transform and their constant singing. For this reason, they represent renewal and personal change.

Cicadas can transform completely, passing from one state to another in a short period. For this reason, they have often accustomed to a person’s inner transformation, intended primarily as spiritual development.

But not only. This article explains all meanings associated with cicadas, both spiritually and symbolic.

Cicada Spirit Animal

The cicada is an intriguing spirit animal, emerging after years of living in stillness and silence underground. This incredible insect symbolizes rebirth, transformation, patience and the cyclical nature of life’s chapters. The cicada reminds us that even when our journey feels static or we’ve retreated into seclusion, profound growth and metamorphosis can still be unfolding beneath the surface.

Those who resonate with the cicada totem likely experience life as a series of epic cycles – periods of impactful activity and creative expression punctuated by stretches of inward retreat and lying in spiritual dormancy. This spirit guide teaches you to honor both phases, trusting that your truest self cannot be stifled, only renewed.

When the cicada enters your consciousness, it can signify significant changes are imminent – a rebirth into a new version of yourself is nearing. This awakening requires you to shed your previous form and any limiting beliefs to boldly take on a revised identity and purpose.

The cicada also connects you to your natural rhythms and intuitive timing for major life events and evolutions. Its presence ushers in awakenings about your soul’s destiny and life’s deeper meaning beyond the physical plane.

Embrace the eternal song of the cicada as an invitation to transform from the chrysalis of your former self into reemergence as your most vibrant, aligned, and deeply authentic way of Being.

Let’s deep into the spiritual meanings of cicada.

Spiritual Meanings of Cicada

Although cicadas are small insects, their size doesn’t make their voices less loud. Surely you have heard them singing at least one time in your life. All those sounds come from an insect that is not even 2 inches big, sometimes even smaller.

Typically, baby cicadas (called nymphs) wait to be ready for birth, but the wait time can be anything between one to 17 years. Due to this characteristic, cicadas symbolize resurrection, immortality, and harmony. Since they are known to wait for the perfect time to come out, they also represent timing.

Historically, several philosophers have mentioned that cicadas symbolize rebirth and eternal life, and their singing was referred to as inspiring love. This is because cicadas do their singing in a group effort, and they are motivated by love and the necessity to find a female for mating.

The singing of an individual cicada can be heard up to a mile away, but if a group of them does the singing, the sound can arrive much further. Because of this, cicadas signify long life, changes coming into someone’s life, restoration, and it is a message that you do not need to worry about.

Above all, cicadas symbolize personal transformation or a transformation in artistic life. It represents summer and signifies that the harvest should soon come. Since cicadas have a long life span, they also symbolize endurance and longevity.

Cicadas symbolize a message sent to humans that has the purpose of helping them emerge in various aspects of their lives. Since cicadas come out from the underground, they lose their shell to break free; therefore, they symbolize the need to go out of restrictions people put on themselves.

What does a cicada symbolize?

Cicada symbolizes a person’s ability to be born again but with a better capacity of expression and renewed honesty. It can indicate a complete change and new life about to come. However, the past will not forbid an unknown and different future to materialize.

Cicadas symbolize your ability to speak with yourself; this is because cicadas are great communicators and are meant to inspire people to improve their communication levels. Communication with oneself is necessary to uncover profound truth.

Cicadas symbolize the new understanding of oneself and the deeper desires. Once the wishes are understood, a person can pursue their accomplishment. Each desire can be reached as far as a person can be patient and continue pursuing it.

Cicadas also symbolize balance and the ability to listen. They sing alone, but they can do it together with other cicadas in harmony; thus, they also know how to listen to others. In addition, cicadas love the heat. They are heat-lovers.

The hot sun and summer with cicadas symbolize nourishment, light, and self-expression. Yet, nothing can leave without glare, and you cannot see growth without taking care of yourself.

Summer is the best time of the year to start inner growth, dedicate yourself to positive expression and follow your passions.

What is the cicada symbolism in the bible?

In the Bible, cicadas can be mentioned as locusts. Although they commonly belong to two different species, they are confused with each other because they both make noises and fly.

Those insects were seen as a plague because they left devastation behind them, precisely as mentioned in the book of Exodus. So cicadas spend a lot of time underground, and when they come out to sing, they are accustomed to singing a song of liberation in the Bible.

In addition, cicadas are known to coincide with the Shavuot and signify an invitation for the Jewish to live in a productive way. Cicadas are seen as emerging from the dark world into a new reality of life, symbolizing a passage to a better life.

What is the cicada symbolism in native Americans and folklore?

For thousands and thousands of years, tribes and Native Americans, especially those in Arizona, considered cicada sacred and the symbol of resurrection.

For many years cicadas were a symbol of reincarnation due to their ability to appear after a long time spent under the earth and because they typically appear in summer. Even the Chinese, already a long time ago, thought of cicadas as a symbol of rebirth.

They observed their ability to leave the empty shell on a tree and transform into a new self. The Chinese used to place cicadas on a corpse tongue before burial so that the deaths could come out of decay and reach a sort of immortality.

Through various cultures, like the ancient Greeks and Romans, cicadas always meant the concepts of resurrection, spiritual realization, immortality, and spiritual ecstasy. In their view, cicadas’ songs were delightful, and the tiny insects were considered sacred.

Socrates presents even a myth. The myth is about cicadas chirp and its hidden purpose to lure humans into laziness. Based on the story, in ancient times, cicadas were humans and were allowed by the Muses to sing and dance for them.

They were so good that Muses rewarded cicadas with the ability to sing constantly without the need for food and sleep. Since then, cicadas have been supposed to watch humans and report not honoring the Muses.

What is the meaning of cicadas in dreams?

If you dream of a cicada, it is a good sign for the future. It is often related to personal health and the economic condition of your family and yours. It can also be a warning sign regarding the lack of creativity in your life and general insecurity in your life.

If you dream of cicadas singing in the middle of a forest, it signifies that you will progress in your life projects and that if you are about to renovate your house, you will get permission to do so. If you dream of many cicadas, it signifies that you will get a blanch check that will help you refinance your business.

Cicadas are often involved in group work, and because of this, they teach a lesson to humans that they can be successful if they work together. Success can double when the efforts are united, and working alone is not always the answer.

Cicadas are also a sign of love. They signify affection, find a proper match, and suggest listening to friends and family regarding the love life. Cicadas are also symbols of timing, tolerance, interior guidance, and partnership with Earth.

Words representing cicadas are transformation, revival, past to present, long life, change, company, endurance, timing, regeneration, and cooperation. It is also possible that the cicadas are showing up as a spirit guide.

It happens only if you need to be careful, protect yourself, understand your vulnerability, or if you need to act fast.

What is the Cicadas spirit animal meaning?

If you have a cicada as a spirit animal, it signifies that it is time to rise and emerge. You should finally stand up and invest in your self-development. It is time to dedicate time to your personal growth.

Cicadas signify a time of change and getting out of all constraints. Your fears and doubts are holding you back. It is time to let them go and get new freedom and certainty in your life. Cicadas shed their skin and emerge to a new life, and so will you.

Cicadas also signify the necessity to listen to your inner self and wisdom. You have great potential within yourself, and it is time to listen to it. They want you to get into a positive transformation.

If you have a cicada as a totem animal, you are a very talkative person, and you can express your emotion easily. You also like to listen to musing and may have a particular talent for singing. You can also understand people around you quite easily.

In addition, you are a hard-working person and are very resilient. If it gets chaotic around you, you like to hide and wait for things to get under control. You also want summer and are happy when it is hot. People with cicadas as power animals like to be part of a community.


Cicadas are small insects full of resources; they can change completely and come out at the correct time to delight humans with their songs and attract their female companions. The spiritual meaning and symbology of cicadas are always very positive. If you have them in your life, it is a good omen for the future.

Hopefully, you found the information you were looking for. If you have additional questions, leave them in the comments.

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