Geese Spirit Animal: What Does a Geese Symbolize?

Geese Spirit Animal

If you have been encountering or dreaming of geese lately, you might be wondering if this bird is your spirit animal. Well, if that’s the case knowing what geese symbolize and what their spirit animal stands for can be helpful for you to understand the message they are trying to convey.

To your rescue, we’ve got it all covered! Read on to find out the Spiritual Meanings Of Geese.

Goose Spirit Animal

If you have a goose spirit animal, you probably are a great communicator. You stand up and speak for yourself, your loved ones, and even for the voiceless when you deem it necessary. This trait of yours also makes you a great leader.

You’re also diligent when it comes to your duties and follow your goals tenaciously. Likewise, you adore your friends and family and try your best to put smiles on their faces. You’re also a kind and compassionate human.

Furthermore, Geese spirit animals also symbolize change. Yet, they teach you to feel connected to your roots and be grateful for your humble beginnings.

On the downside, those with goose spirit animals are known to be dogged in achieving their dreams, to the point they ignore every other aspect of life, including their precious familial relationships and friendships.

Spiritual Meanings Of Geese

Let us start by discussing major traits that geese are often symbolized for; family, protectiveness, teamwork, loyalty, bravery, fertility, navigation, and communication.

1.   Family and Protectiveness:

Geese take their families seriously, and the adults and young ones are often spotted sticking together. During breeding seasons, geese become extremely aggressive and protective. They defend their young ones with their life.

Be in humans or other animals and birds; geese are often noticed chasing away when they try to harm their offspring. I hate to admit it, but I have a first-hand experience of being chased by a goose once while trying to touch its baby.

2.   Teamwork:

Have you ever seen a goose wandering alone? Even if you have, we’re sure it is a rare activity for geese. Geese are highly social animals. In fact, they are even found to remain united while in captivity.

Geese have a higher chance of survival when they stick together and accomplish things together. So, it is understandable that these birds are symbolized for teamwork.

3.   Loyalty and Bravery:

You might have witnessed several cute scenarios where goslings follow their parents with sincerity. In fact, these goose babies highly depend on their mothers for survival and growth.

Geese are also one of the desired farm birds as many farmers deem them loyal. It might also have to do something with the meat, and feathers geese offer to the farmers.

Geese are also brave animals. They are territorial and protective. They don’t hesitate to quarrel with superior creatures when the situation arises. Though the end result might not always be in their favor, they sure do try hard.

4.   Fertility:

Geese are outstanding breeders. Despite the breeding season lasting for only three months, they manage to breed around 12-40 offspring per season. So, this bird is also symbolized for its fertility.

5.   Navigation:

There’s a reason why these small birds have managed to stick to mankind for more than 5000 years. Geese travel in flocks and are excellent navigators. Even if they travel miles away from their habitat, they’re known to have the ability to get back to their home.

Geese are also smart in terms of navigating and adaptability. When the colder season arrives, they travel to warmer regions. They are known to strive for survival and search for appropriate habitats quickly.

6.   Communication:

While cacophonous noises geese make might sound annoying to many, it is undeniable that geese are great communicators. The loud noises they make represent opening up their hearts and expressing their emotions.

They call their family members and even warn them by producing a loud honking sound. Be it during the day or the night, geese just love talking to each other. So, it makes absolute sense that these birds symbolize communication.

Geese Native American Symbolism

Snow Goose sign can be witnessed in Native American zodiacs. They are symbolized for masculinity, focus, and perseverance. Those with snow goose signs are considered to be cooperative and dependable.

Moreover, the goose is also symbolized for their communication skill among Native Americans. Also, their navigation skillset is believed to guide us towards succeeding in our quests.

Geese Celtic Symbolism

Ancient Celts admire geese for their dedication towards family. These birds are symbolized for loyalty and home in Celtic cultures.

Geese Far Eastern Symbolism

Wild geese are represented as messengers of love and romance in Chinese poetry. On the other hand, if a goose is spotted alone, it portends a loss of a loved one in Chinese culture.

Goose Encounter and Omens

Goose encounter encourages you to listen to your heart. Have you been living life on your terms or on someone else’s rules and regulations? Do your day-to-day activities make you happy? Geese remind you to let go of things that you’re trying too hard to control and live at your own pace.

When To Call on Your Goose Spirit Animal?

Do you lately feel that it is time to open up for new possibilities in your life? Or, maybe you’re going off-track and would appreciate a mentorship? If yes is your answer, calling on your goose spirit animal might help you.

Likewise, if you feel that there is negative energy flowing around you and your loved ones and you want to protect your friends and family, it is also the right time to call on your goose spirit animal.

Remember that be it through a smooth-sailing pathway or a turbulent one where you’ll find your abilities being often tested; you’re destined to achieve great things in life. So, in the case you feel your goose spirit animal will aid you in any way, you should go ahead and summon it.

8 Common Dream Scenarios Relating to Geese and Their Interpretations :

Now, let’s look at a few common geese dream scenarios and find out what each of them means, shall we?

1.   Dreaming About Flying Geese:

Dreams about geese flying represent your want to travel or your fear or excitement relating an imminent travel situation in your life. You’re probably moving to a new place and are worried sick regarding the need to adjust yourself according to a new place and people.

2.   Dreaming About Being Chased by An Aggressive Goose:

If geese chased you in the dream, it depicts problems in your waking life. It might represent the negative feelings in your heart or portend an unfortunate situation in your life.

This dream also warns you to be wary of people and situations around you. Someone or something is a real threat to your security and independence, and it is imperative that you address the issue immediately.

3.   Dreaming About Goose Talking:

Geese talking in the dreams often represent your loved one’s messages. So, in order to precisely figure out what the dream meant and what the message is, make sure you pay attention to the nitty-gritty details.

4.   Dreaming About Chasing a Goose:

There’s a reason why ‘wild goose chase’ means a futile attempt of following something. If you dreamt of chasing a goose, then you’re probably walking down a path in your waking life that isn’t likely to produce any fruitful result.

Before committing yourself 100%, make sure you double-check everything and put enough consideration while making plans to solve your real-life issues.

5.   Dreaming About Catching a Goose:

If you dreamt of catching a goose with your bare hands, it means that you’re taking light-hearted things too seriously in your waking life. In fact, you’re acting like a silly goose to the extent that people have started making fun of you.

6.   Dreaming About Geese in Your House:

Dreams about geese in your home can have ambiguous interpretations. On the one hand, it signifies a beautiful, harmonious, and life-long partnership; it can also portend a new problem in your waking life.

7.   Dreaming About a Dead Goose:

While dreams about dying birds and animals might be traumatic to many, dreams about a dead goose don’t portend anything bad in your waking life. It simply means that you’re working too much to the point of exhaustion, and it’s high time you take some time for yourself and relax.

8.   Dreaming About a Giant Goose:

If you dreamt of a giant goose, you’re probably an overthinker. You have a habit of making small issues big.

You’re probably exaggerating some incidents in your life. You’re wasting too much of your time and energy on this situation, and you need to realize it soon before you blow things out of proportion.


We hope to have provided all the information regarding geese symbolisms, their influence in Celtic, Native American, and Far-Eastern cultures, and even a few geese dream plots and their meanings.

If you have any more queries regarding the symbolism and spiritual meaning of goose, we’d love to share our knowledge with you. Drop your comments below!

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