Tarantula Spirit Animal: What Does a Tarantula Symbolize?

Tarantula Spirit Animal

This article is going to explain the tarantula symbolism & spiritual meaning. Possibly you have seen a tarantula recently, or you dreamed about one. Spiders are not attractive, and most people repel them.

Seeing them in a dream or real life can be a scary experience. However, the spiritual meaning of those events is not always negative. In general, a tarantula symbolizes patience and the accomplishment of your goals.

But there is a lot more to it. Let’s see what there is to know about tarantulas symbolism.

Tarantula Spirit Animal

The tarantula spirit animal is a powerful representation of patience, resilience, and the ability to navigate through life’s challenges with grace and determination. These magnificent creatures, often misunderstood and feared, carry within them a deep well of wisdom and strength. Here are some key attributes associated with the tarantula spirit animal:

  1. Patience and Stillness: Tarantulas are known for their ability to remain motionless for extended periods, conserving their energy and waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Their presence encourages us to cultivate patience, stillness, and the art of timing in our endeavors.
  2. Resilience and Perseverance: With their hardy nature and ability to adapt to diverse environments, tarantulas symbolize resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. Their spirit inspires us to develop inner strength and persevere through life’s challenges with determination.
  3. Non-Violence and Self-Defense: Despite their formidable appearance, tarantulas are generally non-aggressive and resort to defensive tactics only when threatened. Their spirit reminds us to approach life with non-violence, exercising self-defense only when absolutely necessary.
  4. Solitude and Independence: Tarantulas are solitary creatures that thrive in their own company. Their presence encourages us to embrace solitude, independence, and the power of self-reliance, while also recognizing the importance of balance and connection.
  5. Regeneration and Renewal: Tarantulas have the remarkable ability to regenerate lost legs or appendages, symbolizing the power of renewal and the capacity to overcome adversity and emerge stronger on the other side.

When the tarantula spirit animal weaves its way into your life, it may be a call to cultivate patience, resilience, and a balanced approach to life’s challenges. It reminds us to embrace solitude and independence while also recognizing the value of self-defense and the ability to regenerate and renew ourselves in the face of adversity.

Let’s deep into the spiritual meanings of tarantula.

What is a Tarantula?

To better understand the symbology of a tarantula, it is essential to explain what actually is a Tarantula and why they have such a name. In the first place, tarantulas are giant hairy spiders belonging to the family of the Theraphosidae.

While it could seem rare to run into one, in reality, there are over 1000 species so far identified and classified. The name comes from the Italian city of Taranto since Tarantulas are original in the Mediterranean area.

Although, the general term “Tarantula” was later used to indicate any large and unfamiliar spider species, even if it is incorrect. Today, it is possible to find Tarantulas in many countries worldwide, such as the United States, Central America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Tarantulas are venomous, but their venom is not deadly to humans. However, if you get bitten by one of these spiders, it is possible to get severe discomfort, and often it is painful. Some African species are even known to cause hallucinations.

Spiritual Meanings of Tarantula

Seeing a tarantula is not always a bad sign. In actual fact, it can be a positive spiritual sign or a message from the divine forces that want you to act in a certain way. So, for example, if you see a tarantula, it is a message for you to go ahead and use your intuition.

During the course of life, people tend to disregard their feelings or forebodings, maybe because they have followed them in the past and got in trouble. But, when you see a tarantula, you are advised to go back and use your instincts again because your feelings will be right this time.

If you take the time to observe and listen to your surroundings, you can get to better conclusions and make better decisions. If you are experiencing a difficult moment, meeting a tarantula signifies that you have to use your mind and spirit to resolve it and get out of any bad situation. You should not only use your body or materials elements.

Tarantulas are busy building their spider web with great patient and hard work. Thus if you see one, it is a message from the spiritual world that you have to use your patience to accomplish your goals.

Working with patients to reach your goals can be instrumental for you to build a better foundation for your projects. Like spiders waiting near their spider web for their prey to get trapped, you should be patient and reach your targets one step after the other.

Lastly, seeing a tarantula can also signify that you feel trapped. You can feel trapped because of your work, marriage, or any other aspect of your life. Maybe you do not realize that you feel that way.

But, if you look closely into various aspects of your life, you can find where the problem is. The tarantula wants to tell you that you can free yourself from any trap if you wish.

What is the tarantula symbolism in dreams?

Dreaming of spiders is not pleasant. Tarantulas are giant and full of hairs and can inspire fear, even if only in a dream. The significance of seeing a tarantula in a dream is less favorable than the overall symbology.

In general, if you dream of a tarantula, it symbolizes an overall condition of danger. You have several enemies around you, and you could lose something important. But, it also suggests lousy health, a general sense of disappointment, and even your dark side.

If you dream about being stung by a tarantula, it signifies that you are about to get troubles and problems, or that you will get issues at your work from other people. In addition, it can suggest that someone is working against you.

But, it can also have a completely different spiritual meaning. For example, it could signify that you will impress other people with your abilities, and you will get the chance to demonstrate who you really are. But, on the other hand, it can also signify that there will be a scandal soon.

If you dream a lot of tarantulas, it signifies that you will get support from your family and friends to overcome difficult moments in your life. If you dream of killing a tarantula, it means that financial problems are about to hit you.

But, killing a tarantula can also be interpreted as a good omen for the future because you will win over your enemies and achieve your goals. It means that you are supposed to protect your family and take care of yourself properly.

If you dream of a tarantula in a jar, it signifies a plot against you and that you will be the target of jealousy of those around you. It is a message to look into your inner circle and choose your friends with care.

If a tarantula chases you in your dreams, it signifies that you have too much bad energy in your life. The dream is a message for you to change and get into a positive frame of mind. It signifies it is time to act and think positively.

What is the biblical meaning of tarantulas in dreams?

In the Bible, spiders have various spiritual meanings, both good and bad, depending on the context. For example, it is common to see spiders accustomed to hard work, protection, humbleness, and evil.

In general, the Bible thinks of spiders as great workers and wise animals with many abilities. A reason for this attribution is the ability to weave the web. The Bible also accustoms the vision of a spider to the ability to reach life dreams and purposes.

Biblically, spiders are humble animals, equipped with a lot of patience and intelligence. The spider’s web is seen as a symbol of protection, spiritual meaning the web is a shield able to protect people.

Although the web is also compared with weakness in the book of Job, it is compared to evil in Isaiah. But, the spiritual meaning changes again in other instances where the spider web is considered to be a powerful help sent from God.

In fact, during the war, God would send the spider’s web for physical and spiritual protection.

What is the tarantula mean as an animal totem?

As an animal totem, tarantulas signify patience above everything. It also means you need to get going with your plans and constantly work to reach them. Finally, it is an invitation to put all your ideas in the physical universe and make them materialize.

Tarantulas symbolize power animals naturally gifted and able to help you find your correct position and strength in life. It represents your attempt to take back control of your life. The tarantula totem signifies perfect timing, trusted friends, and few enemies.

People with this animal totem prefer to do things independently, without any help, and are experts in waiting for the proper moment to do the right thing.

They are creative people in general, can think outside the box, and other people have a hard time saying no to them. They can also be tenacious and have strong wit.

Spiders represent several natural abilities and the creation inside the person. Spiders have the power of design but also have the power to take the life of others away. People with the spider totem can maintain the balance between the body and spirit and between good and evil.

What is the spiritual meaning of Tarantula in Mythology?

In mythology, spiders are heroic mothers, destiny, and mortality symbols. In Christianity, it is a symbol of the Devil because of its ability to trap others. Witches were known to use spiders in their magic and their brews.

In Greek mythology, spiders represent the Goddess of Athens, which is possessed by a spider that spun the web of fate. In Hindu mythology, spiders represent a Maya illusion, which was drawn like a woman with eight legs weaving magic.

Native Americans also considered spiders like the creators and weavers of the web of fate.


Tarantulas are very particular spiders known for their hairs and more significant dimensions. They have a deep significance if you see them in dreams or meet them around. Its symbolism is creation, patient, wisdom, power, strength, and more.

Spiders symbolize reaching goals. They slowly but surely build their web and trap their prey. They do not rush but still get it done. Hopefully, this article answered all your questions about tarantulas’ symbology and spiritual meaning.

If you have additional questions, leave them below.

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